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Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program

tobaccoTarrant County Challenge, Inc. provides state approved TYTAP classes certified by Texas Department of State Health Services. This class is for persons  who have received citations for possession of tobacco while under the age of 18 . Upon completion of the course, the participant is presented with a Texas State issued numbered certificate.

For additional information on the TYTAP program, click here to read the brochure.

The fee for this course is $75.00 payable at registration the day of class. This fee must be paid prior to the admission to the class and is not refundable.

To register for a class, call
817-336-6617 or e-mail

Examples of violations by minors of the Texas Tobacco Law include:  

The Texas Tobacco Law prohibits minors from buying, using, or possessing tobacco products except in the presence of the minor’s parent, guardian, or adult spouse, and holds minors accountable for violating the law by requiring them to attend an eight-hour tobacco awareness program, perform tobacco-related public service, and/or pay a fine of up to $250.  The Law also allows a judge to suspend or delay the issuance of a minor’s driver’s license for up to six months and/or require the parent or guardian of a minor to attend tobacco awareness class along with the minor. 

The Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program helps teens better understand the behavioral and social influences that lead them to use tobacco. They discuss friends and family use of nicotine, how the tobacco industry manipulates a targeted youth market through advertising, and calculates the cost of cigarette consumption habits over time.